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Still have nothing clever.
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Johan wasn't sure what was going on. Someone (probably the black guy) said, "I'm coming to bust your ass! I hope you ready, bitch!", and Johan just heard two more shots after that. Then, he heard a loud bang, probably from the shotgun, and there was silence after that. After a moment of thought, Johan couldn't help but think, dreadfully,

He's dead.

He then heard the black guy talk. Disoriented, it took Johan a moment to realize he was being asked a question. "What was his name?"

Johan tried to open his mouth, but failed. He looked over at Ben's body. It was a grisly sight, with buckshot-

"What was his fucking NAME!?"

He then looked back at the black guy. Johan then murmured pathetically, "Be-ben. He-his name w-was Be-benjamin Latimer."
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