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Shit, the black had taken cover behind the hospital. "I'm coming to bust your ass! I hope you ready, bitch!" came the taunt from behind the corner. What!? I'm not getting killed by some black kid.

A flash of movement. There he is!


A brick? But where was Carver? He couldn't believe he had been caught off by a dirty trick like that. Bryant couldn't even fight him man to man, had to pull cowardly shit like that. No real American would do things like that.

Get your head out of your fatass Ben!

A blur in the side of his vision, but it was too late. BOOM

His chest took the brunt as he half flew, half feel backwards.


He felt faint. He couldn't die like this, taken down by some black punk. He had to get up and fight, but he couldn't. His arms and legs twitched, but he couldn't get up.

No. He had to get up, save himself, save Johan. He had forgotten about Johan in the fight. Did that make him bad? No, he had tried to save them both from a murderous black guy. He had done the right thing in trying to save everyone from Carver. He had done the righ-

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