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Still have nothing clever.
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The moment after Johan began to pray, he heard a *bang* in the distance.

He looked up. The black guy had fired a shotgun blast, and it landed only a few feet to the side of Ben, who was rummaging through his stuff looking for bullets. Luckily, it didn't land to Johan's side. In any case, it was an obvious enough cue to get back to the ground and remain on a low profile. Even if no one was aiming at him, he realized he might get hit by a stray shot. Obviously enough, that would be bad for Johan.

Still, Johan hardly needed a visual show to determine what was happening. Someone then shouted out, "MOTHERFUCKER, you keep shooting and I will put you the FUCK down!"

And then two more bangs. They sounded sudden and rather hasty, they probably didn't hit anyone. But then again, Johan couldn't be sure.

Johan then thought grimly, He's going to get himself killed like this...

Still, it wasn't something that he wanted to think about. He wasn't going to hope Ben would die, after all there would be no guarantee that the black guy would stop with Ben. He shivered involuntarily, and began to pray again, with even greater urgency, Lord, oh Lord, please help me today...
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