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"You know, if you're going to try to steal something from the teacher you could afford to be a little more subtle about it. But that's not my business, so carry on."

Todd paused his rummaging for a moment as he acknowledged what Marion was trying to tell him, only to burst out laughing after she'd finished. Man, how stupid she was to think that someone like HIM would need to steal anything from some piss poor teacher like Mrs Wikowski. What the hell could she honestly have that Todd couldn't convince his dad to buy whenever he wanted?

"HA! As if... If anyone's stolen anythin' around here, its Mrs Bitchowski. I mean, there I was, minding my own business. Listening to some sweet tunes on my phone when SUDDENLY she'd decided for no freaking reason to take it off me! Just flat out steal it right before my freakin' eyes! Seriously, there must be a law against that or something..."

Todd paused for half a second as he pointed in Natalie's direction, his other hand still feeling the contents of the drawer to see if his beloved mobile was somewhere inside.

"...YOU know what I mean, don't ya? You saw her snatch it right out of the palm of my hand, remember?"

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