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(Post order skip and god-moding approved by Clueless)

Damn. He had missed, figured, he had missed how many times now? A lot, missing that one guy back at the warehouse, and now even more shots here. The only shots he had made were the ones on Harris...no need to think about that, where was he? Reload, right.

His hand was digging through the bag scattering items to the ground, flashlight, pouch of crackers, oh there it was. A magazine.


Oh shit.

The shotgun blast had blasted only a short distance away from him.

I could have died.

He wasn't going to get killed by some black kid, especially one that stole Michael's shotgun. Right, reload already, he had spent enough time thinking. He started taking out the old magazine to put in the new.

"MOTHERFUCKER, you keep shooting and I will put you the FUCK down!"

New magazine loaded. He was enraged now, Ben was rarely mad, usually so easygoing and joking around. "Oh we know you do that!"


Two more shots, poorly aimed. He needed to focus. What? Where was that Marilyn Jap bitch, had she run away like the coward everyone knew she was? Couldn't stand and fight like a real American? He'd need to take care of Carver, then find her before any more of hid good classmates went down.

He could win this.
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