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Still have nothing clever.
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Ben's reply to Johan was, "Yeah, he killed someone." Johan looked at him and noticed he seemed the tiniest bit upset, and decided that it wasn't a good idea to press the issue. He then faced forward, and then caught in his peripheral vision two figures approaching them.

Uh oh.

One of them was a black guy, and the other one was an Asian girl. Johan didn't really know either of them well, but he noticed the girl was stuttering and he had the faint recollection of having seen her some time before. In any case, he paid more attention to the guy, and noticed he was holding something in his hand. Johan, looking carefully, determined that it was a shotgun.

Johan couldn't help but ask himself, Again?

And then Ben suddenly raised up his handgun.

Yep, again, Johan thought dryly.

Ben then fired four shots at them. That was, before his clip ran out of bullets. Under normal circumstances, Johan would have asked, "What are you doing, firing on people that haven't even made the slightest gesture to you?", but this did not count as a normal circumstance. Johan didn't see any reason to aggravate someone who had a handgun and was definitely not afraid of using it, with or without provocation.

However, no matter how much he wanted to, he knew that running away wouldn't do him any good, and he even explicitly stated himself that he wouldn't run away. So what he did was stand out of the action. He moved a few steps away subtly so that Ben wouldn't chew him out, but also so that he wouldn't be shot by the other two people. He then pressed himself to the ground, and for lack of anything else he could do, he prayed.

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, please have mercy on me today...
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