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"Yeah, he killed someone." That felt weird, he couldn't imagine Luke killing someone. Then again, he would never had imagined himself killing someone, well a classmate, either. He had always known killing someone in war would happen, everyone had to serve their country someday. That was a fact. A fact, he didn't necessarily have a problem with. He had been planning on serving his country on the front lines one day, now, well it was a slim possibility.

Still the Program was different, you had to fight your classmates. People who weren't necessarily bad for the country. Heck most weren't. Well, except for the minorities. Most of them were probably excited at the prospect of being able to kill Americans.

Speaking of. Carver. Oh no. Not him, he killed Michael. Probably enjoyed it too, you know how they are. Oh, and he had a companion. That Asian girl. Marilyn. Of course they were working together, it's not like any good American would associate with them.

Enough thinking. It was time for action. Those two were far off, but they were going down. Who knew how many people they would kill if they had the chance. He'd take down Carver first. He was more dangerous, he had killed Michael.

As he raised his handgun, he felt a kind of pressure from his throat up to his sinuses. He was actually going to do it again, kill someone that is. BANG BANG BANG BANG CL-ICK.

Shit. Hurry up. Where's that clip, gotta reload, gotta reload. He really should have bothered to find the extra ammunition in his bag prior to this, but he hadn't given reloading much thought up to this point.
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