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((Bryant Carver continued from Standing Eight))

For once, Bryant had an uneventful few hours. Nothing much happened, and his newfound companion didn't speak much, either.

They spent what was left of the night in one of the alleys, out of sight and under the stars. Bryant hadn't really planned on going to sleep, seemed too risky. He had suggested more for Marilyn's benefit. But to his surprise, he found himself nodding off fairly easily. He assumed Marilyn would have woken him up if something went down, although in all honesty he was surprised she didn't take his gun and shoot him. Not that he expected her to. She didn't seem the type.

Besides, it was easy to sleep. Not like there was anything else to do. Marilyn clammed up after they left the gate, and he wasn't particularly good at dragging words out of people anyway. He wasn't Juliet, not by any stretch of the imagination.

So he was left with sleep, and with sleep he dreamed.

He wished he would have stayed awake. He could hear clanging, a distorted national anthem, ragged breath impeded by blood and shattered face. And always he was there, screaming, laughing, enjoying it. He would wake up in a cold sweat, breathe hard, try to go back to sleep, and always that ruined face presented itself. By the time morning came, he felt like he was more tired than when they started.

Marilyn and Bryant had gotten moving, and that's when the announcement came on. He'd been dreading it, but knew it was coming. His name was second on the list, and now, finally he knew who it was he had killed.

"Michael Sechooler..." He muttered, the name unfamiliar but painful on his tongue. He took note of it, filed it away in his hindbrain. If people were dead by his hand, he would remember them. It was the least he could do, white asshole or not. Kid had probably been minding his own business.

They kept walking, but Bryant was so lost in his thoughts he didn't notice the other two kids across the way, having just heard the same announcement.
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