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Marion noticed that Nate was smiling pretty broadly now, probably because of her compliment. It was a good feeling, knowing that what you've said has been taken well by others, well, at least when you're being honest about it. She just seem to listen to Marion's comment absentmindedly, and ended up replying, "I like solo." Marion could live with that, she usually preferred playing solo piano and listening to solo piano musicians anyways.

And then she noticed that Nate's eyebrows were arching at something, and then Marion glanced around the room. She then saw Todd Hudson of all people walking into the room and heading towards the teacher's desk.

This can't be good...

Todd then barged through her and Nate, and said to them obnoxiously, "Uh, hey! Look, could you both do me a good favour and NOT tell anyone you saw me come in here, okay?"

Marion just frowned in reply, and didn't say a word. She wasn't going to try to get him in trouble, but there wasn't a chance on Earth that she would try to defend the obnoxious bastard.

He then asked the two of them, "Say, if either of you babes spot Mrs Wikowski comin' along, would you mind giving me a warning or something? 'Cause it'd be real helpful to know about it BEFORE she shows up and starts acting like a demon bitch from hell, thank you."

Nate replied, "I don't owe you one. Not playing watchdog, I'm painting."

Marion nodded, and said, "Same. I'm trying to study, just consider yourself lucky that I'm not a snitch."

Todd then began searching through Mrs. Wikowski's desk, and dumping much of her stuff onto the floor in the process.

Marion just sat down, began looking over some notes for English, and said coldly to Todd without looking up, "You know, if you're going to try to steal something from the teacher you could afford to be a little more subtle about it. But that's not my business, so carry on."
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