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(Benjamin Latimer continued from Vioectrolysis)

They had left the mess hall behind. He was so tired, what was it now, almost six in the morning? It didn't matter, point was he was tired, so freaking tired. The constant walking and the stress was starting to get to him. He had killed, and he wasn't the only one. There hadn't been an announcement since the one where it had been announced he had killed Harris.

Focus man. Focus

What had been their next goal again? The hospital right, maybe they had some beds in there for him to catch some shuteye. He turned to Johan as they continued to walk, "Damn, I'm so tired, you know what I mean?" It was small talk, but he was tired enough that his brain used it instead of meaningful words.

He stopped walking, needed to rest. Working at a burger place hadn't quite prepared him for staying up and walking. And shooting people, but that was a whole different game.

A crackle. Announcement again huh. It wasn't a big reaction, he was tired and had already sat through two of the things already.

Wait. Wendy Fisher? He hadn't even realized she had been picked for the Program. What a good friend he was. He had been looking for Luke and Megan. He hadn't even realized that Wendy was around.

The announcement wasn't done hurting him there. "Michael's dead?" He had just talked to him, what a little more than six hours before? That was bad, just another person he knew who had been killed when he wasn't there. The killer was that black guy, Bryant Carver. It wasn't surprising, wasn't the news always warning about how minorities could get? How dangerous they could be?

Dang this announcement was getting long. Wait. Luke killed someone? Maybe it had been self defense like he had been forced to do earlier. It still made him uncomfortable, his friends weren't supposed to go around killing people.

Finally the terrible announcement was over. Things were different now, people he knew and cared about had been killed or had gone killer themselves. It wasn't just about him anymore.

Then he remembered, hadn't Johan mentioned Luke as well? His attempt at talking about it didn't come out well, "Damn, Luke, I mean uhh..."
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