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Dang. Screaming. Did they know who was and what he had done? Was that why they were screaming at him to leave? Still, what if she was dangerous. Had a gun. He didn't want to get killed by some crazy chick with a gun. He had to remember their plan, no use getting in unnecessary fights.

Guess I'll just be leaving then.

Then some guy came charging out, running away. Whoa man, I'm not going to hurt you. That's what he wanted to say, but he didn't. He hadn't planned on killing Harris, and look where that had gotten him. But then the guy was gone. Nothing to worry about, right?

He waited. Yelling chick might come running out the next moment, at the same time maybe she was upset with him and that's why she went all crazy.

He turned to Johan and mouthed the word "Plan?" He needed a second opinion, his own hadn't been doing too hot lately. It had ended in someone else dying, it would be better to let Johan take over for a minute.
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