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((Debut of Todd Hudson))

Sometimes, life sucked.

Well, for the most part, life was friggin' gold as far as Todd Hudson was aware of. At least it was for him anyway, he hadn't a clue what it was like for everyone else. Nor did he particularly care... Nevertheless, it was little ridiculous moments like this which reminded him of why everyone around him were dumbasses.

Long story short, that morning Todd had Art class. Nothing particularly special, they were learning about some lame-ass who Todd couldn't have cared less about. Michelangelo? Wasn't he, like, one of the ninja turtles or something? Whatever, the fact was, as Todd stood there working on a masterpiece that would make Vincent van Goth jealous as shit he'd decided that he needed to put on a little music. Y'know, for inspiration!

And yet, as soon as he turned up the volume on his mobile phone and started playing his favourite song by The Prodigy, for some reason everyone started complaining! Todd just didn't get what everyone's beef was. After all, "Smack My Bitch Up" was one helluva kickass song, the perfect tune to listen to as your working on your next masterpiece. And yet for some reason that Todd couldn't fathom, everyone in the room told him to turn it off, ending with Mrs Wikowski stealing it off him!

Seriously, are they even allowed to DO that?!? Jesus crap, man, when my pop hears about this he's gonna go completely apeshit! That phone cost him a couple of hundred bucks! If he hears that I lost it to some jerkass teacher...

And so, with absolutely no intention of simply accepting the consequences, Todd had selfishly JUSTIFIABLY decided to sneak into the art room and get his phone back. It was lunchtime, and unless Todd's sources where incorrect Mrs Wikowski had lunch duty that day, so grabbing the phone from her desk should have been easy as cake. With any luck, he would probably still have enough time to grab himself a bite to eat if he was quick enough.

However, one thing Todd hadn't of anticipated was that the art room might of been occupied at the time.

Barely bothering to take note of the two girls who were already inside, Todd barged in through the door only stopping when he realised that the room wasn't quite as empty as he would have hoped.

"Uh, hey! Look, could you both do me a good favour and NOT tell anyone you saw me come in here, okay?" he said, obnoxiously as usual.

Not even waiting to see if they replied, Todd barged between them as he headed for the desk. After all, he had more important things to do than talk to a couple of boobless chicks, what with his phone being stolen and everything. The fact they were there to start with was bad enough, seeing as he was supposed to be doing this in secret.

Then again, perhaps he could use this to his advantage...

"Say, if either of you babes spot Mrs Wikowski comin' along, would you mind giving me a warning or something? 'Cause it'd be real helpful to know about it BEFORE she shows up and starts acting like a demon bitch from hell, thank you."

As he crassly asked his fellow classmates this single request, the frat-boy wannabe began the arduous task of searching through Mrs Wikowski's desk for his phone, not caring about the fact that he was emptying some of the contents onto the floor beside him as he did so.

C'mon, c'mon... It's gotta be in here SOMEWHERE.

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