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Marion watched the girl and noticed that a smile was growing on her face, and that she also seemed to be assessing her. Or at least it looked like that to Marion. In any case, Marion felt a little happy herself.

I guess happiness is contagious and all that.

Marion then looked at her again. She seemed like she was lost in thought, and that she wanted to be somewhere else doing something else at the moment. Marion could understand. She was far from the most interesting person out there, anyways.

After a couple of seconds, the girl then said rather suddenly, "I play guitar. Not great at it. Better vocalist."

Marion nodded. Some people are better instrumentalists, some people are better vocalists. The girl definitely seemed to fall into the vocalist category.

Then the girl introduced herself, "Natalie, or Nate. Don't mind."

Marion nodded to herself, and said, "Nate. Got it."

Nate then said appreciatively, "Thanks. I write my own lyrics."

Marion shrugged, and said, "You're welcome. You seem like a pretty good songwriter, do you write them down by any chance? Or do just memorize them? Just curious. Maybe some day I could play accompaniment on the piano for you, that might be fun."
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