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((Bobby Goldman continued from Party Hard))

Bobby stepped out onto the loading dock of the warehouse. He could still clearly hear Skye's music thrumming through the walls and out into the night. Dad's on shift right now. I wonder if he's having a slow night. I hope so. He looked around, seeing the line of cars parked unevenly in front of the loading dock. There were plenty of kids in there now. Skye's party would be a success. And I can leave now without being missed by anyone.

He took another deep breath. The air was cooler outside than it was in the warehouse. It was calming to be a little further away from the crowd, a little further away from where he almost got into another fistfight. That was a close one. Dad would not have approved. But it all worked out; Devonte backed down and we both got to maintain our attitudes. If only Jaszy hadn't witnessed it. I don't want to disappoint her.

He breathed deeply again, trying to empty the thoughts from his mind. He felt the beginnings of fatigue in his legs.
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