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Still have nothing clever.
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As Marion spoke, the girl stopped singing, turned around, and splattered the floor with red paint.

I guess I interrupted her...

Marion paid close attention however, and realized that the girl she was talking to seemed to be daydreaming and didn't really even notice that she was talking. Well, not for long anyways. After a few minutes she blinked her eyes and shrugged. She then said quite simply,

"Was painting," and then, "I don't eat much."

Marion inspected her canvas, and shrugged. "Neither do I really. Often I just quickly eat a few bites and go somewhere to study. I try to squeeze as much useful time out of everything, so I guess it's only natural for me.

She then thought over the girl's singing. It was actually pretty great, in a surreal kind of way. Not exactly Marion's style, but still quite good nonetheless.

"Anyways," Marion said, "Your singing's pretty good. I've tried to sing before, and it didn't really work out that well. I'm better at playing the piano, God forbid me trying to do both at the same time." She then shrugged, and said, "In any case, I'm Marion. I think we have some class together, but I don't really remember. Hmm..."

She snapped her fingers for a moment in thought, and said, "Your name is... Nata, right? Or was it Nate? Sorry if I got it wrong, I don't really see you often."
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