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Marion was walking through the hallway, trying to find a private place to study a bit before lunch was over. It was hardly unusual for her to eat lunch in only two minutes and leave to go to the library to get some quiet (and more importantly private) study time before classes continued, but today the library had some others inside it and she decided to try to find another room. After thinking it over, she decided on the Art Room. It usually was pretty empty anyways, and she figured it might be a nice setting to study. As she came by the door, however, she unexpected heard some singing coming from inside, and carefully listened,

"Can't say why, just has to be now..."

The singing then continued on for a few more minutes. She wasn't sure who was singing, but she certainly appreciated music. After a moment of hesitation, Marion decided to open the door and come in.

She said nervously, "Hello?" Marion then took a look around the room, and saw a frail looking girl singing. Marion saw her a few times before, and knew her to be an artist of some kind. She then said apologetically, "Sorry if I interrupted you. I was just looking for a place to study, and I heard you singing along the way. Have you eaten lunch? It's already been a few minutes in..."
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