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She raised her eyebrows before accepting the toast. He should really stop reciting statistics, it made him sound like some Nazi scientist. According toa few people he secretly was. He'd talked to that Neo-Nazi creep once. Once! And now he apparently hated Jews and wore swastikas. He really hated people gossiping about him. Other people... He could care less, unless it was someone he cared about.

He registered the tv being switched off out of the corner of his eye. One less distraction. Fucking A.

He noticed that her drink seemed a tad orangey-er than theirs. Oh, right, the rum. He'd heard good things about rum and coke, not that he would ever drink to confirm it. Though it was awfully tempting.

She dropped her arms by her side as she began to talk about Lou Becker

"Uhhh, yeah. Lower than me on the social ladder, with the fashion sense and looks of a dead walrus. What about him?" he asked, slightly confused as to why she was making herself look like an alien

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