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He chuckled at the insult thrown by Zak. Classic. Little things like that made his day. He was glad to see that Maddelyn hadnt kicked his door down like she undoubtedly wanted to. Being an only child was sort of a curse and a blessing. Sure his parents spent all their attention on him, which had probably helped him immeasurably, but he never had anyone to stand up for him in a fight. Which was why he was able to scrape by a B in PE. Sure, he would flail in soccer and shit himself in football, but on the hundred metre sprint, he could just think of Jocks behind him and peg it. He would never win, but he was never the slob that came last, which was a point of pride for him.

Zak asked if anyone wanted something from the fridge.

"Coca-cola, please" he asked, hoping to dear god he didn't throw it. He had the hand eye co-ordination of a dead sloth.

"I'm sorry to hear bout that stuff. Word travels fast among the idiots. Only thing that travels faster is bad news"

Maddy thanked him for the alcohol.

"Dont mention it, I'd rather it was drunk and enjoyed than sat in the drinks cabinet" He said, nodding at her toast

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