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He grinned as Zak entered the room. A distraction. She hadn't got her answer and he could break off the conversation.

Fuck yeah that was smooth.

"How's it going Zach?" Asked his friend, his tone light and casual. He turned to look at Zak, his blush fading quickly as he tried not to think of Mae. God, this was going to get complicated if she showed up.

Madelyn squeezed between them as they sat down, the comfy, expensive furniture welcoming him home.

It had been far too long since he'd caught up with the Conners. What better way than over the nations favourite entertainment? He placed a hand on his back pocket, pawing at it as he felt the fammiliar shape missing from it's pocket.

Where was his Book? Shit, had it been stolen, had he-

Oh, right, he'd left it at home. In a safe, just to keep it secure. It would be a faux pas to be writing and cross refrencing things at a party, after all, he came here to try and prove he could socialise.

To whom he didnt know, but he just felt like he had to.

"Been good, youself? I heard stuff got bad recently with one of those a-holes from the public school" He asked politely, trying to draw conversation away from him.. And Mae.

PV3 (UK Edition)


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