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(( Zachariah Johnston Continued From Study Date...Just Kidding! ))

Zach looked around shiftily as he waited by the kerb. It was a twofold deal for his nervousness. Firstly, he was entering uncharted waters. A party. And all the advise he'd gotten amounted to "Bring booze". That kind of bled into the second of his worries. Every time he moved, a dull clink would eminate from his bag.The three bottles of hard liqour (One of Rum, Two of Vodka) kept shifting around in it, and he was terrified that either the police or someone he knew would find out he was carrying alcohol. He hated alcohol, which was why he'd had no problem stealing it from his parents drinks cabinet. It fucked with your liver, mind and head, overuse it and you'll end up dead. So really his parents should be thanking him for getting rid of it.

A green light and a steady bee-beep-beep wrenched him into reallity. He noticed that the tone nearly matched his heartbeat as he walked across the road. He needed to calm down. He started to look around at the surroundings, looking for landmarks.

He knew where he was going, so hopefully he wouldn't get lost. He got lost quite a lot, as he was often busy trying to maintain conversation rather than noticing landmarks.

He could see her door now. He walked up to the steps and stood there for a moment as he checked he had everything: Booze, Money, Condom, CD of the Best Kills.

Wait a second... Condom?

He pulled it out of his pocket. There was a little sticky note on it that read "Good luck son ; )". Oh yeah. His parents had met at a party like this, and often joked about wishing they had a condom that night. He was about to throw it on the floor, but decided that'd be wasteful and stuffed it into his back pocket. You never know just how drunk the crazy bitches might get.

"Injokes..." He muttered, conjuring up a little nervous smile.

He knocked forcefully on the door.

"Welcome to the B-rated carnage" Came a voice, in a tone more appropriate for a horror movie than a SOTF night. He looked up at Madlyn and nodded, before walking inside.
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