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Why don't you just give up and die...?
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“Hey girly, how bout you shut up for a minute and listen to me.”

This boy was seriously angling to get his ass beat. Ryan took a moment to look the boy over- she figured he was too distracted by his rage to really get what she was doing- deciding exactly where she'd strike for maximum damage. But there was that gun again.

“Think they know this place is empty?” he asked, the barren shelves around him embellishing the point. “Bet you your life that they'll come here the moment their stomach comes rumbling, and when they find this place is empty?"

There were several good responses to that one. Yes, they probably know the place is empty because they never leave food lying around on the Program, ever. Of course our school is full of fucking idiots so it's still possible. And the fuck is that "when they find this place is empty"-question-mark bit about? What, he thinks they're gonna kill us and eat us? Jesus, that's...fucked up. This kid's fucked up. This game is fucked up.

“Look, I see where you're coming from, going out there ain't exactly the most inviting thought in the world, I can dig that. But trust me on this, when you're in a war zone the last thing you want to do is stay bunkered down. Keep moving, or you'll get sniped off and that's that.”

This kid's played too many video games.

“I ain't gonna make you come with me Ryan, but you just said you would so we might as well make a move, yeah?”

God, she was getting sick of Jethro playing hot and cold with her. One moment he was a gigantic asshole and the next he seemed like a pretty decent guy. It was more and more frustrating how she was completely impossible it was for her to beat the everloving fuck out of him, but whatever. Bodyguard, Ryan. He's a goddamn bodyguard, that's all he is. When you meet up with some cooler people you can ditch him. Yeah. Awesome plan.

She opened her mouth to speak.



Ryan knew what that buzzing noise was, not that that stopped her from jumping when she heard it. She didn't want to hear it, either, given that the announcements were really just five minute of bad news and bullshit. Wasn't the last announcement, like, mad recent? Shit, we've been here longer than I thought. Maybe he's right, maybe we should get out of here while the gettin's good, or whatever that fucking saying is.

The announcement had begun as she spoke. "Yeah, no, you're right, I guess. Sort of right." Admitting being wrong was not something Ryan excelled in. "We should get out of here. I mean, I don't think you're right on the whole, everyone's gonna run here and go all cannibalistic on our shit front, but I think we might as well go. This just kinda sucks, honestly, sitting around doing nothing. If we're gonna-"

"Vaughn Pearson and Chanel Martin did the dirty deed to one another. Uh... killed each other, th-"

That's as much as Ryan heard before a strangled shriek emerged from her throat.

She stared at the nearby speaker, willing it to add a JUST KIDDING to the end of that remark, but instead Adams moved right on to the next death of the day, leaving Ryan standing there in stunned silence, eyes locked on the speaker like something was likely to crawl out of it. She felt her head shake- just twitching a fraction of an inch to either side, over and over, because there was no way Chanel Martin was dead. That was impossible because Chanel Martin was Ryan's best friend and she could not be dead. It was impossible. There was no fucking way and Ryan wasn't going to accept it.

She was barely noticing the announcements anymore, so it was pure luck that she managed to heat "Lastly, good ol' Henry Barren learned-" but that was all she heard before erupting again.

"FUCK! No, no, no, shit, Henry, not you too-"

Her head was shaking more rapidly now as she denied everything, repeatedly and loudly, because goddammit, this wasn't how this was supposed to happen. She was supposed to find Chanel, find Henry, and they were supposed to...supposed to what? Waltz on outta the program? No, that didn't matter, it didn't matter because Chanel and Henry were dead and Ryan would never, ever see them again.

"Anyone in here? We just wanna place to crash for the night?"

Bad timing on the boy's part.

"NO! Get the FUCK out of here!" Ryan screamed at the boy coming through the door, her voice breaking with her barely-repressed rage. If she had a gun the poor boy'd probably be dead already.

Not that she gave a fuck. Not that she gave a fuck about much right now.
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