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Still have nothing clever.
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(M18 - Johan Luther continued from ...Once Upon A Time.)

After Johan and Ben left the Barracks, the announcements played.

"Resident ...patriot... douche... psycho... uh, Harris Van Allen was the next to go. He too suffered death by hot lead, this time from Benjamin Latimer."

Johan couldn't help but sigh. Great. Just great. Well, at least I wasn't the killer. I could say that Harris deserved it, but then again, does anyone really deserve this?

But he decided to keep silent, since he figured that it wasn't really going to do him any good.

Michael didn't seem to follow, so Johan felt like a weight was taken off of his shoulders. He certainly didn't want an obviously unstable and maybe a little pissed guy with a shotgun following them. Then again, the uncertainty might have been just as bad. But whatever. They had to move on...

As they reached the door, Ben opened the door a bit and peered in. "Anyone in here? We just wanna place to crash for the night?"

Johan silently questioned the wisdom of giving out their location to... someone, but he kept quiet. At least he was out of range.
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