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(Benjamin Latimer continued from ...Once Upon A Time)

He had left the barracks with Johan in time for the next announcement to play. His classmates knew what he had done now. They must be so ashamed of him, how he had killed someone else. Harris.

Of course the minorities would be happy, Harris hadn't been the best to them. He wasn't sure whether they deserved it or not, after all most people seemed to think that the minorities were trouble. Then again, Harris had wanted to shoot him with a shotgun, and that wasn't exactly welcoming.

It seemed Michael hadn't followed them, oh well he was twitchy. Of course they were all twitchy now.

The mess hall stood in front of him. Wonderful. Maybe there's some food in there. I can't make it on just this bread and that ration pack or whatever they call it. He opened the door up, trying to peer inside despite his large frame. "Anyone in here? We just wanna place to crash for the night?"

He felt it was best to check first, he didn't want to get shot as soon as he went inside the door.
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