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(OOC: Wait, didn't Michael take the nightstick and the bag? I'll just ignore the part about Ben taking Harris's stuff, and him handing Johan the nightstick, then.)

After Ben and Johan answered Michael's question on whether or not they were "crazy", Michael stammered a bit and ended with "We're, kay I guess."

Well, that's good...

Johan scrutinized him. Michael didn't look like he would hurt anyone anytime soon, but Johan figured that he was still probably a bit disturbed over the whole thing (Johan himself was, at least), and it wasn't exactly safe to stick around too long. Ben then said, "Look we should probably head out of here. You're still welcome to come with us Michael, if you want. If not, it's cool."

Johan nodded affirmatively. "The quicker we get out of here, the better."

He certainly didn't want to stay too long near the body. Someone might stroll in and mistake them for murderers...

Interrupting Johan's thoughts, Ben then said, "But yeah, let's head out."

Without anything else to say, Ben left and Johan followed.

(M18 - Johan Luther continued elsewhere)
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