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Why don't you just give up and die...?
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“Just cause we ain't dead doesn't mean we're doing it right.”

YES IT DOES THOUGH. Jesus Christ, is this boy a fucking idiot? All of the vague respect she'd built up for the boy in the last thirty seconds or so where she wasn't hating him (it wasn't much, but it was something) disappeared instantly. See, the thing about the fucking Program was that every second you were alive was a victory. One person would live and it probably wasn't going to be you, so your victory, every moment, was being not dead yet. Ryan and Jethro were not dead yet; by default, they were winning. Sure hanging around in this room was tense and boring, every moment, but being alive was this totally awesome thing Ryan planned on doing for as long as possible.

Jesus, was there a right way to do the Program? The government would say the right way was killing the shit out of everyone, but that didn't seem correct. What was Jethro's idea, then?

“You think it's just gonna be that easy?”

Ryan blinked, surprised.

“You think I give you that gun you can just turn it on any one of your old classmates and pull that trigger? What if it's one of your best friends, what then? Kill 'em without a second thought?”

She opened her mouth, quite ready to respond to that. Fuck yes I can turn on one of my classmates and pull the goddamn trigger. What are they to me? Shit, we all know that only one of us is getting out alive, it doesn't make us any better for curling up in a damn ball and accepting it. And no, I'm not gonna fucking kill my best friends, because they're not gonna try to kill me, because I don't make friends with anyone who would betray me like that! Jesus FUCK, this guy is-

But she didn't get the chance.

“Kill or be killed; that's bullshit. It's don't be killed or go down screaming, and I think you know what I'm going with.”

Ryan rolled her eyes dramatically.

"Seriously? Nah, man, trust me, kill or be killed is bullshit everywhere but the fucking Program. Here that is exactly what's happening. One person lives. And it's not gonna be someone afraid of taking out the competition, either. Has anyone ever won this game without killing anyone? No. Exactly. I don't want to die, neither do you, but at least one of us will. Every moment we're not dead yet, that's a victory. If you want to go out there, take the goddamn chance, fine. I'll come with you. I'm better off with you out there than alone in here, at least. But if shit gets a little too real out there, it's your fault for not sticking to the safe spot."

She was getting jumpy already, with the prospect of going back outside. Here she'd managed to suppress her paranoia, at least a little, but the outside world had people. Gun-wielding people. Trying to kill her. Her eye twitched involuntarily. This sucks.
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