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She wasn't agreeing with Jethro, which on some levels pissed him off. He could see the logic in her words, that what they were doing now was keeping them alive just fine, but at the same time staying in one place was just so damn tense.

He scoffed in frustration, letting Ryan continue with her little piece, letting her go on about how she didn't have a gun as he held his securely in his hand. Yeah, it was shit for her, but what was he supposed to do? It's not like he could go out and grab her another one, so why did she have to keep making it a damn fuss of it?

“Just cause we ain't dead doesn't mean we're doing it right.” he snorted aside, not even sure if Ryan had really heard him. No attacks, a thousand attacks, what difference did it make? Whoever was coming in next didn't give two shits in keeping their peace streak alive, or them alive either. Even if they stayed there forever, eventually people were going to come looking for food, a thought he'd had in his past few hours of quiet time; why he hadn't mentioned it till now was beyond him, but he still kept it to himself.

Then she started going on about that gun again, except this time it was how he wouldn't be able to use the damn thing. Of course he wouldn't be able to use it; he wasn't going to shoot one of his classmates, no matter how fucked up the program was! They didn't deserve to die any more than he did!

“You think it's just gonna be that easy?” he questioned her, raising a doubtful eyebrow. “You think I give you that gun you can just turn it on any one of your old classmates and pull that trigger? What if it's one of your best friends, what then? Kill 'em without a second thought?”

He could've practically laughed; he definitely wasn't listening to her defence if there was one, and he did not take the time to see if he was interrupting her either, chivalry be fucked.

“Kill or be killed; that's bullshit. It's don't be killed or go down screaming, and I think you know what I'm going with.”
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