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Why don't you just give up and die...?
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“Damn, Ryan! We can't just sit here! We gotta make a plan of action! We sit here forever, we're gonna end up getting shot through that door without a chance to do anything! We need a plan, Ryan!”

Ryan was kind of starting to like this guy. He was such a fuckin' guy, what with the whole action-hero WE NEED A PLAN! shit. But he was still holding a gun, and the way he held that gun, the way he looked at still told Ryan that this boy wasn't gonna shoot anyone. And that was very good as long as they weren't being attacked, but was likely to be very, very bad in the future. She scratched her head, pretending to look thoughtful before speaking.

"Well. I mean, this is the Program. Plans don't really do anything, you know? Plans mean fuck-all when kids are out there pumping lead into each other. All we can do is protect ourselves. Stay out of trouble, hidden, as much as possible, and defend ourselves when necessary. And by 'defend ourselves' I mean 'you defend us' given that those bitch-ass fucking cocksuckers gave me a godfucking cardboard box."

Her voice got a little louder as her frustration was made increasingly clear. She shook her head and gave herself a moment to defuse.

"Well...I guess staying here for now's a pretty good idea. Shit, we've been here for how fuckin' long now with no interruptions? It's a good streak, man. The winning streak of not dying. I guarantee, hundred-percent, someone else is dead by now. At least one other person. And it's not us. So clearly we're doing something right. But..."

Ryan looked pointedly at the gun in his hand.

"You need to be ready to use that, man. I can tell you don't want to kill anyone- that's fair enough- but this is the Program. Someone's gotta defend us, you know? I'd do it if I had a gun. Trust me, I'm ready for this shit, but you just seem...kinda...shaky. No offense, man. It's normal, I guess. But I'm gonna be kind of pissed if I get shot because you're busy pussy-footing around."

Yeah, I think he's gonna take offense. Whatever, long as he doesn't shoot me.
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