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“What'm I thinking about?” Jethro chuckled at Ryan, “What aren't I thinking about? Home, my family... death. Thinking bout it all and more. When deaths in the room, you ain't got much choice but to look back on your life and wonder where the hell you went wrong."

“Yeah, I'm gonna die.” Simple, goddamn motherfuckin' truth weren't it? Death, just around the fuckin' corner, and all he could do was sit in this kitchen with this chick waiting for the inevitable. Only one kid had died so far, and fuck if he was gonna be the next.

Fuck that, no he's right. He wasn't gonna be next in line; he was going to keep going! If someone came at him with a gun, then damn if he'd sit there quietly! He'd keep himself and Ryan alive, he vowed with a clenched fist!

….eh, who was he kidding; he sighed and he lowered his fist again. Death was coming fast, and like hell he'd defend himself from anyone shooting at him. He wouldn't sit still, but using the gun? Shit, that was a whole 'nother ball park that he just wasn't gonna hit that sucker out of. Fuck.

“Damn, Ryan! We can't just sit here!” he decreed, jumping to his feet since he couldn't just sit there “We gotta make a plan of action! We sit here forever, we're gonna end up getting shot through that door without a chance to do anything! We need a plan, Ryan!”

They damn well did!

He hoped she had one.
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