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My life goes sort of like yours does, but funny and more drunk.
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Dom pretended to look interested, but on the inside, he was bored as shit.

Jen was rambling and raving, saying the kind of stuff that would fit perfectly in some kind of "philosophical" emo's diary. Dom half listened for a few moments before his mind just went "Fuck it." and wandered off. Tried to remember old take-downs he used to know, thought of potential practical applications of a 450 splash in a combat situation- coming to the conclusion that there weren't any, decided that he needed to get kazoos. Why? He wasn't sure. Sounded cool.

Then Dom realised something. Jennifer Steinman? The girl he was sat next to? The girl he said he was going to protect? He didn't like her. Not one bit. Couldn't stand her, in fact.

This wasn't a good sign.

Dom decided- fairly quickly- that the only course of action was to ditch the bitch. She was already starting to slow him down, God only knew what'd happen if they got into a fight. She'd be fine on her own, she had a knife. Dom grabbed his rucksack, stowed the pipe wrench inside and threw it on his back. If she asked why he was grabbing this stuff, he'd say he didn't trust her with looking after them.

"Hang on, I gotta go take a leak." Dom was lying through his teeth, but he hoped this'd be enough to stop Jennifer from following him. "Be right back." He started to walk around the corner of the building. Wondered for a second what her reaction would be. Most likely she'd start crying like a French whore on Bastille Day.

Fuck it, she'd get over it.

Dom stuck his hands in his pockets and started quietly singing to himself as he walked away.

((Dominic Brown, continued in Viva La Raza.))
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