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Why don't you just give up and die...?
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Huh. Weird, the boy seemed oddly...torn up seemed a bit extreme, but at least a little upset that Matthew Gourlay was dead. Ryan was not giving a single fuck, not wasting a breath or thought or tear on Sir Racist Prickface Cocksucker™, but Jethro- who had, undoubtedly, had some fucked up shit said to him by this kid at some point or another, was actually upset that he was dead. That was all kinds of bizarre. It's good that he's dead, bro! One step closer to home! For me, anyway, but as long as you think you can make it, it's one step for you too, I guess. Fuckin'...yeah. Shit, if no one else killed him one of us would have to, so why does it matter?

Maybe he's just not into this whole Program thing yet.

I mean, you know, I'd rather not kill anyone either, but lets get serious for a minute. This is the goddamn Program, if we don't kill anyone we're going to die. So he needs to man up and get over this shit. Better a bunch of shitty assholes die than us. Or like, our friends. My friends.

Shit, I hope I find some of them soon. Hope one of them has a gun, I feel so fucking useless right now. This kid could kill me anytime he wanted- except wait, clearly this killing thing is freaking him out. Hell, that's good for me. I'm gonna run with that. Fuck, I kind of have to run with that, given my weapon is a CARDBOARD MOTHERFUCKING BOX.

Ryan looked back over at Jethro for a moment. Then back at the wall. Jethro had touched his gun. Cursed to himself. Ryan had an idea as to why.

He knows. He knows he needs that gun to defend himself but he knows he can't kill anyone. Or doesn't want to, anyway. Fuck. I need that gun, I could do so well with that gun...

She looked over at Jethro and put on what she hoped was a sympathetic face. She was gonna be a goddamn angel right now. Anything to keep herself above suspicion. Anything to get her hands on that gun.

"What're you thinking about?"
SOTF: The Program
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