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Why don't you just give up and die...?
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[[Ryan Montoya continued from Philistine]]

Well, that took long enough.

Three hours. By Ryan's reckoning, it took about three hours for her and sir-still-can't-really-believe-this-is-his-name Jethro to get their asses out of the officer's quarters and into the mess hall. An impossibly long time, it would seem- considering the proximity of the two buildings- but hell, distance was deceiving. The map didn't take into account the fact that the officer's quarters themselves had been a fucking maze, not to mention that the first staircase they came across was locked somehow, not to mention the fact that Ryan's paranoia kept them stopping to look around every three seconds or so. Slow didn't even begin to cover it, but eventually they somehow stumbled upon the kitchen entrance and wound up alone in the army's kitchen.

Time only went slower after that.

There was nothing to do. Not only that, there was nothing to say. Ryan didn't know Jethro, she didn't know anything about Jethro, and fuck if she wanted to be making small talk with a boy who could 1) easily kill her, 2) abandon her and leave her alone and defenseless, or 3) get on her last fucking nerve and make her regret having him as an ally to begin with. Besides, what was the point of getting to know someone on the Program? Either she'd have to kill him over the next few days, or she'd have to let him die. No other choices. No good reason to bond or whatever bullshit.

So, the little conversation they made was perfunctory. Made only for the purpose of keeping things from being too awkward, and also because the silence was making Ryan even jumpier than usual. Every sound was magnified. The girl was jumping out of her damn skin at the slightest noise.

It wasn't fun. And it was a few hours again that passed between them before another, louder sound made Ryan jump a literal two feet in the air.



Oh...announcements. Right.

Ryan listened with her usual impatience and learned something interesting- someone was dead. Well, maybe it made her kind of a bitch, referring to that as something interesting, but whatever. It meant, in a way, the game had begun. The Program was starting. The fact that only one person was dead was kind of interesting in itself, though- Aren't there usually more kids going bugfuck by now? Like, shit's usually going hardcore by the second, third hour. Usually there's a good three or four kids dead by first announcement. Bunch of pussies in our class? Not surprising. Fucking hell. Least it's not anyone important gone.

She shook her head to herself, looking up at Jethro, wondering how he'd take the news. She surprised herself by opening her mouth.

"You know him?" Him meaning Matt. Matt Gourley. Ryan tried to put a face behind the name- he wasn't someone she was friends with. Wasn't he...he was kind of an asshole? Yeah, he definitely was. One of those patriotic, good-boy types who's actually a baby alcoholic behind his parent's back. Super popular, super spoiled, super racist. Totally not someone Ryan would care was dead.

Wait, did she just ask the black guy if he knew the racist white boy? Yeah, he probably does. Probably just as happy as I am that he's dead.
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