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(Benjamin Latimer continued from This Can't Be Me)

He and Johan had left the Armory behind. On the way the speakers had come to life announcing the single death. He didn't know the guy who had died, he knew the killer though, John Ferrara, that guy on the soccer team. He was from yet another sport that Ben had never had to play at.

He would have to look out for him.

His Kimber Desert Warrior was still in his hand, he might not have been planning on killing anyone, but he didn't want to risk getting shot up like he had at the warehouse.

The barracks wasn't their planned destination, it was simply on the way to the mess hall. They had thought it would be all right to check it out on the way.

He turned to Johan, "This looks like it. Let's check out the inside."

Then he opened up the door and stepped inside.
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