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((Gah! Completely forgot about this thread. Apologies for lateness.))

Stay here and die, or run outside and die anyway. Michael was having a hard time deciding what to do. There was no way this would end well. He was just so sure of it. One person with a gun, one with a blunt weapon, and one with an edged weapon. "Can anyone spell bloodbath?"

He sighed. As bad as it was here, out there might very well be much worse. But he might as well take his chances.

"Yeah, about that..." Michael started and trailed off, bursting into a sprint as he ran straight past Sechooler to an exit.

"You were probably gonna shoot me anyway. Like I'm gonna let that happen. Chapter 3: Out of the frying pan, into the fire."

He glanced back at the boys before leaving. He frowned, not sure why he felt like that but he felt like he really shouldn't be leaving the other Michael behind.

As much as he didn't trust people, he was going to chance it. Mike had a better weapon anyway. Might as well stick with someone who could protect from afar. "Sechooler, if you want you can follow me. Otherwise I'm sure this is the last time we'll see each other."

Only time would tell if that rare instance of trust would be his undoing. He sincerely hoped it wouldn't.

((Michael Maxwell continued in Greater Expectations))
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