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"Brothers. Brothers, really?" Michael was sure he had no idea who the hell this person in front of him was. He was never good with names and faces. That didn't matter though. What mattered is that it was getting way too crowded way too quickly.

"Sure you don't. And I'm a happily adjusted guy having the time of his life." Michael said, half-believing the newcomer. He wasn't going to hurt them? Unlikely. Michael didn't trust Mi—, Sechooler, so he saw no reason to trust this guy. The only reason he hadn't bolted when he encountered Sechooler was because he had taken a gamble, not because he believed anyone in this entire place was going to hold off from killing people.

And now it seemed that the new guy was taking the same gamble. Michael looked at his scythe, then looked at the opposing nightstick. Advantage: Michael's. Overall advantage: Still Sechooler's.

This certainly wasn't good.

"Okay. So how about we all just back out of here slowly and pretend like we're not going to run for our lives, or possibly run after each other. No need to go crazy here." He couldn't believe he was saying that. What kind of moron was he today? He was going to die. He just knew it.
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