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I don't like you.
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"Who's there?" came the almost immediate response to his profanity, and now Harris found himself in a sticky situation that could very well lead to his end not inches from where he began this game.

He only had one chance to try to defuse things before the two Michaels would do so for him. And there was every chance it wouldn't end well. But if these were the same Michaels he knew from before he left, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, they hadn't quite gone completely insane (or into player mentality) so quickly. He took a deep breath, and slowly, one step at a time, made his way out from behind the bunk beds.

"Good morning, brothers!" he said, trying his best to mask his stress with confidence as he walking into the aisle between the sets of beds with both hands in the air, one hand loosely clutching the nightstick. "I don't mean you guys harm or nothin'."

By showing his assigned weapon, he could prove he wasn't going to administer the Rodney King treatment, at least not immediately. Worse came to worse, the door was right behind him and he could bolt unless someone had a gun that could reach him.

Which, apparently, one of them had. But at least the sight of a shotgun made him look genuinely stressed the fuck out.
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