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Abby laughed at Johan's joke as she gathered her things. At least, she thought it was a joke. It was growing hard to tell. The entire situation was getting stranger and stranger. True, Abby never indulged in The Program, but she had a basic grasp of what occurred. And that basic idea was telling her that there should be no possible reason why she was still alive. Cornered by two boys, both armed with deadly weapons? Her, a nubile (Maybe nubile wasn't the proper word...) young girl, utterly terrified, without any form of defense? On any other day, she would be dead. Or on her way to being dead.

Or- oh, no, I am NOT going there. Who the hell am I to complain anyway?

Finally convincing her feet to begin moving, Abby nervously shuffled her way closer to Johan, towards the exit. Johan was... odd. As if he had something to hide, not that she could afford to dwell on something that obscure. But all the same, with her paranoia flaring up, he seemed like a far better choice then to hustle over Ben's way. Keeping her head low and avoiding eye contact, Abby took a deep breathe and held it as she walked by the boy towards the exit.

For a split second, Abby was sure Johan would stop her, slow her down, anything. But no. She was safe. Slowly letting the breathe out, Abby turned back towards the pair.

"I- well, I hate to go so soon, but yeah. I don't. Not really. I think you understand." She paused, unsure of what to add.

Good luck? That'd be rather hypocritical... It would be much easier if they just dropped dead...

"I'll go this way now." She said, pointing out the doors, towards the outside. "Uhm.. God Bless America. Or, whatever you're supposed to say."

Turning quickly, Abby opened the doors and headed out of the Armoury. The air outside was cool, but for the most part it was nice out. All the same, with her brain still reeling, she needed someplace to lay down, someplace safe.

I'm probably going to get sick. Immune system, it's probably not functioning after all this. Nerves are shot. Plus, that gas we inhaled. No telling what that could have done to me. Oh no, that's bad. That's bad. What would Alex do? Alex would be alone. That's the smartest thing to do. For once, we're thinking alike...

Hustling along, Abby made her way along the side of the Armoury, disappearing from sight.

[ Abby Erickson continues elsewhere]
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