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Still have nothing clever.
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"That, you're not going to shoot someone. And the safety's' on, at least, now it is."

Johan, a bit contented, yet still somewhat worriedly, said, "That's reassuring..."

Hmm... why was it off in the first place? I can only hope that he was only testing it...

Johan then looked at both of the others in the Armory, somewhat more confidently. It didn't seem like either of them were going to attack anyone, but he knew how spontaneously things broke out in the Program.

"Well. I mean. I don't mean to be rude, but uh. Can't do much in this, game. Program. Whatever. I'll, I'll be seeing you guys around yeah? Hopefully. Because if not, that'd be bad. Because you'd be dead. And that's bad."

Expecting her to leave, he turned his attention to Ben, until he heard Abby again.

"Very bad. I'll just, not keep you guys then."

Johan murmured, "Yeah, I guess."

But she didn't leave.

Ben said with a chuckle, "Trying to teleport?"

She's probably a nervous wreck by now...

Johan then simply said, chuckling nervously at the end, "If you want to leave right now, go ahead. I don't know how good of an idea that would be though, for all we know the fighting is just starting up outside. Still, I probably wouldn't want to be in a room with two strangers, one with a gun, who may or may not want to kill me - oh wait, I already am."
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