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I'm Johan. Johan Luther." Ben knew the guys name, no clue where from though. Johan looked nervous, but Ben had already told him he wouldn't shoot him so there wasn't much he could do to calm him down besides talking to him.

"Well... That's good." Said Abby. The pause let Ben know that she was still uncomfortable with him and the gun. Well I can't help that, they gave me a gun, so why is it so weird for me to have one? "That, you're not going to shoot someone. And the safety's' on, at least, now it is," she continued. Right, well he was justified in having it off before, that guy in the warehouse had been shooting, he had to be able to defend himself, but now it seemed safe so the safety went back on. But he said none of that, just stood there mouth agape trying to form words but failing. Wow Ben you must look like a frickin fish like that.

"Well. I mean. I don't mean to be rude, but uh. Can't do much in this, game. Program. Whatever. I'll, I'll be seeing you guys around yeah? Hopefully. Because if not, that'd be bad. Because you'd be dead. And that's bad." Of course it was bad, the Program was a bad part of a great nation, and death was bad, because of well, death. She coughed, awkward. "Very bad. I'll just, not keep you guys then," she said, without moving her feet. "Trying to teleport?" he said with a chuckle.
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