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Abby couldn't help but keep her cynicism, despite the other boys seeming peaceful intent. She knew neither Ben or Johan Christ, I barely know ANYONE to begin with... and making friends wasn't going to do her much good.

No one escapes the Program. So if you go in expecting to escape, expecting to make allies... you're done. Alex said that.

Abby had never watched the Program. It was violent, it was crude, it wasn't anything valuable. Alex on the other hand? She had watched, much to the ire of her Mother. It was morbid, but she never took joy in it. Abby didn't understand. She didn't try to. Why should she? What Alex did was Alex's business. If she wanted to start shit, she could.

Was it about that though? Was that the real reason she watched it? Maybe it was for Dad. Maybe she watched, to- to rationalize what he did, what happened. Certainly a compelling reason to get out, if you're a kid. He wasn't a kid though. He was just...


I had more important things to think about then this game... Well, now it's the only thing important to think about. Or is it? It is. Can I trust this kid? Stupid idea. He came from outside. They both did, I have no idea what the hell they've been doing all this time. Would Alex trust them? No. She wouldn't. And.. And that's how she'd survive.

The gears inside her head began to turn. It was as if she had been walking along, and stumbled suddenly upon a key. A key to her salvation. Survival. A plan began to take form in her head.

I don't need to fight. I- I just need to be smart. If I win, the government can't do anything, no matter how much they'd want to. That's true, isn't it? I could survive. I just need to be smart. Alex would probably have a billion ideas, bad and good going on. And I'm just sitting here. If I stay strong, stay under the radar... Could I do it? They've got nothing they can use against me. My friends. They didn't get called. They didn't I would have... I didn't hear. But they didn't. I know it. And Alex, she isn't here. I didn't see her, but she's back home, probably watching right now. Probably yelling at me, to do something. That's so weird... Alright. Alright. They can't attack me, well, they can. But if I keep away, till the end... I can think of something for the end. They don't know me. And I don't NEED them to know me...

Composing herself, Alex reached down, grabbing her pack. She turned to regard the pair, unsure of what to say.

"Well... That's good." GENIUS ABBY. "That, you're not going to shoot someone. And the safety's' on, at least, now it is." Which begs the question, why was it off in the first place Ben?

A chill went up her spine at that. She wondered if Johan had made the same logical jump that she had made.

Do I really want to stick around and find out? No. No, I most definitely DON'T. But how do I leave? I can't just up and leave. That'd be rude. And dangerous, considering there's one of them at each exit...

"Well. I mean. I don't mean to be rude, but uh. Can't do much in this, game. Program. Whatever. I'll, I'll be seeing you guys around yeah? Hopefully. Because if not, that'd be bad. Because you'd be dead. And that's bad."

She looked at the two boys, feeling the awkward silence seep into her bones. She gave a cough.

"Very bad. I'll just, not keep you guys then."


This is the part where you start moving feet...

Abby stood still. Her feet stuck to the ground.

Oh shit, seriously. Oh shit. Oh shit. You've gotta- oh shitshitohshitshit...
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