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I don't like you.
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((M09: Start))

This was the moment he had waited for (at least with less fear than others), the moment when he could ultimately prove his patriotism. But he never expected to begin that moment like this.

Prone wasn't exactly the position Harris Van Allen would have wanted to find himself on the morning of Day 1. And especially not prone on the top bunk, clutching a nightstick like some kind of donut-munching mall cop that thought he was in DEVGRU.

Sure, the gas had knocked him out pretty damn cold for someone who at least tried to keep himself in good physical condition, meaning whoever placed him here would have had the liberty to position him any way he so pleased as long as that collar around his neck didn't go off. But he woke up facing the ceiling, to the sound of conversation elsewhere in the room (i.e. yelling, along with what felt like the remainders of that stinging sensation from his crotch), so he couldn't afford to just reveal himself yet.

It felt awkward for those first few moments, sliding and squirming his limbs and torso about the bed like he was in an 8-inch-deep trench to try to see exactly what weapon he ended up with. The nightstick wasn't bad. It couldn't hold up to a gun, but then again, it wasn't as if he ended up with something like a children's song vinyl or a bottle of iodine pills.

Fortunately for him, at least he could get a relatively inconspicuous view of the two boys chatting just opposite of him.

Michael and Michael, he softly - very softly - mumbled to himself, how apt. Almost as apt as waking up in what appeared to be some sort of Army barracks in the same Army surplus uniform that he wore to the Announcement.

He knew both of them as relatively sickly and paranoid, but at least one of them was smart and patriotic to compensate. He also definitely knew both of them were white, and didn't have some kind of traitorous beef with him (to his knowledge, anyway.) Unfortunately, not only could he not remember which Michael was which, but he also couldn't get a particularly good view of what they had been assigned. Still, they weren't about to go killing each other there, so maybe, just maybe, he could at least get to know them better before they had to fight to the death.

Harris took a long sigh and rolled toward the ladder. He started to descend it, one hand on his nightstick while mumbling the words of a great patriot of old. "One small step for man..."

The subsequent giant leap for white-kind off the last rung onto the floor was a bad idea, since he landed on a part of the floor that was hollow enough underneath to cause a 'bump.'

"Fuck," he grumbled out loud. If he didn't know what sort of weapons the other two had, he was certainly going to find out now, as he stared at the two with eyes very wide open.
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