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I wish I was a heartbeat that never comes to rest
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Michael looked up at the other boy. He stood from the bed, still holding the shot gun and still trying to keep steady.

My internal monologue is going to get confusing if I think of him as Michael, too. Maybe…..Mike? Yeah, that works. Must keep things organized. And I’m not a “Mike” anyway. That’s much too sporty for me.

“To be honest, I think the universe hates us all equally right about now. Well, maybe not. I mean, we did get real weapons. Guess I could have gotten, like, a deck of cards or a butter knife. Don’t get me wrong, I do love card games.

Mike had apologized for frightening him. That was nice, he liked that. He was so easy to scare. Most people just laughed when he freaked out. But then he asked about the gun.

“Of course not!” Michael bristled. “How would I know how to use it? Gun ownership is forbidden by law. I am a good, law abiding citizen.”
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