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"I'm Ben."

Johan definitely is putting on quite a show. He's pretty calm (or at least calm looking), but inside he's not so calm or for that matter very confident.

Ben. Hmm, I don't really recognize him, but I guess its better then being someone who I already know is a complete bastard... or maybe not... no, no negative thoughts, I'm not going to break and die, because that's the first people die on the Program. But...

If someone was watching him closely at this moment, they'd see him breaking into cold sweat. Not a lot of it, but its definitely there.

Please oh please don't shoot me, God, please oh please...

And then within milliseconds of that thought Ben's voice interrupted it before he could finish.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna shoot you."

Johan seems to be much more reassured but its obvious he's still nervous. In any case, it doesn't look like he's letting his guard down at any moment.

Trying to sound confident, he then said, "I'm Johan. Johan Luther."

God oh God, please oh please...
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