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Oh hai Jesus
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They were still talking. What was he supposed to do?

Do I go in or do I stay out? In or out? In out? Innie outie?

He looked around. It was almost deserted, but he couldn't see most of the compound from where he was. He could see a few people on the other end of the compound, but they were too far away to spot him hiding in the shadows.

He felt exposed outside, like at any moment he might feel something slice through his gut, followed by the CRACK of a high-powered rifle in the distance. It wasn't safe. He had to get inside. Somewhere, anywhere. Wherever it was, it was probably better than being out here.

The warehouse was attached to the armory. That seemed like a good place. Maybe soon he could come back here, see if there were any weapons left. For now, he would settle for the dank, dark, cavernous building at his flank.

He turned to leave, the side of the banjo lightly hitting against the wall as he snuck past the open doorway. Shit, hope nobody heard that.

(( John Ferrara continued in M05: Start))
The Program
M10: John Ferrara: Italian soccer star
Weapons: Banjo w/ eagle logo (broken)
Calico Liberty III Handgun (50/50, 50/50)

[M19: Matthew Gourlay: Rich Bitch
Weapons: Calico Liberty III handgun (Taken)

BLK01: Bob Lazenby: Hipster
Weapons: Laser Pointer

M13: Kenneth Danielson
Weapons: Tobacco pipe (discarded in Town Outskirts)

I just slit a man's throat and stole his clothes and I love you all!
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