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Little Boy
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Abby was surprised the boy had stopped, even more so when he dropped his weapon. She leaned forward, trying to keep her shoulders from shaking. She had less success with her hands. Awkwardly she leaned down, trying to pick the hammer up. She gave up after the third time it slipped through her blue gloves.

It’s probably dirty anyway. It was dirty before. I don’t know where it’s been, I don’t know where I’ve been even… Oh man, is this really what I’m going to think about before…

Abby straightened, looking towards the strange boy, wiping dust and grime onto her pant legs. He hadn’t made a move forward yet. It was rather strange, rather… surreal. The entire situation suddenly felt dreamlike, ethereal.

“Are you going to come closer or…?”

The second she had spoken she regretted it. Closer. That was how she was going to get killed. She didn’t want that, did she?

Oh hell no, I definitely DON’T need that right now.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t do much. She had been given a terrible weapon. Her more eager classmates were probably hacking and slashing their way towards her, even as she spoke. Calm.

Calm. Alex could be calm, even under pressure. When Alex was angry, what would she do? She would stew. Think on it. Why not Abby? That was what she was doing, wasn’t it?

It’s just like those assholes. Throw the germaphobic in a death game, expect her to get her hands dirty.

“What’s your name? I don’t think I know you.” She said, looking the boy up and down. He held a javelin in his hand, but it was unthreatening, at least for the moment. Abby aimed to keep it that way. It was a true statement besides. Abby really didn’t recognize the boy. She wasn’t one of the more social members of General’s Pride, and she didn’t want to start now. A pang of fear passed through her. Had any of her friends been pulled into this crazy game? The thought of Megan or Ryan…

No, no, no no, bad thoughts bad thoughts. That way leads to madness. I didn’t hear it. They could-, they could not be here. They could be back home. Watching me. Ugh.

“Uhh, hey guys.”

Abby jumped up, out of her seat. Out of the gloom suddenly emerged a new figure, another boy. Abby’s hands instinctively went to her gut as she willed herself to contract, contract into nothingness, evaporate into vapour. Appear anywhere, anywhere safer. The entire situation was putting her on edge, and the blood pumping in her ears was making her feel sick. She opened her mouth, but was unable to formulate a response, last words, anything.

I’m not cut out for this. I am NOT cut out for this….

17:24CluevaraYaaay drugs.

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