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"Right. Circumstances." Michael, as if he could really call himself by any other name, looked at his scythe. He then looked at Mi-, no Sechooler's weapon. A shotgun... versus a scythe. The odds were ridiculously stacked against him. But then again, Sechooler didn't seem like he was out to get Michael.

"You mean the circumstances that we're in right now. The fact that we're in The Program and being forced to fight to death for the amusement of a bunch of jerks." He said with a sigh. "Though in my case it's just more evidence that the universe hates me." He added that bit under his breath.

He shook his head, and stood up. But he didn't let go of the scythe. He wasn't stupid. Never turn your back on people. Trust no one. Everyone can hurt you, and in this place most people will kill you. "If I freaked you out I'm sorry. I thought I was alone here."

He started off for the door. No way was he going to stay here. Even if Sechooler wasn't going to kill him, someone else might. And Michael had plenty of reasons not to die yet. He frowned. Okay, so none came to mind at the moment but that didn't matter. He turned his head back. "Hey, I've got a question Sechooler. You have any idea how to use that thing?"

It was a question that was very risky. If he did, then Michael was going to bail as quickly as possible. If he didn't, then he'd still bail, but later. Having someone with a gun around might be beneficial. He wouldn't trust him, he couldn't trust anybody, but if he could stick with someone for security at least until he got a better weapon, he would.
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