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Oh hai Jesus
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((John Ferrara continued from Daddy's Little Girl Ain't a Girl No More))

As soon as he heard talking, he froze.

John was crouched just outside the doorway to the armory, debating whether or not to enter. Somehow, he almost knew that whoever was inside that building was not someone he wanted to be friends with.

The number one thing on his mind was survival. And with this comes a conundrum: kill or hide?

His hollow, fragile "weapon" was probably good for one, maybe two hits. There were at least two people in there. They could be armed with Barbie dolls and still give him some trouble, and if they had even a single gun among them he was dead as soon as he charged in there and whacked one.

So he was in a catch-22. In order to survive, he had to kill. He could not kill, but killing was the only way to get the MEANS to kill.

This catch-22 was what left him out in the beating sun outside that dark portal, waiting for something to do. Waiting for a chance to make his mark and maybe find his way back home.
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The Program
M10: John Ferrara: Italian soccer star
Weapons: Banjo w/ eagle logo (broken)
Calico Liberty III Handgun (50/50, 50/50)

[M19: Matthew Gourlay: Rich Bitch
Weapons: Calico Liberty III handgun (Taken)

BLK01: Bob Lazenby: Hipster
Weapons: Laser Pointer

M13: Kenneth Danielson
Weapons: Tobacco pipe (discarded in Town Outskirts)

I just slit a man's throat and stole his clothes and I love you all!
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