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He jumped back and somewhere behind him the metallic GONG sound of an impact was followed by an “OW.”

“OH CHRISTMAS!” Michael screamed and fell backwards onto the lower bunk bed behind him. He scrambled and pulled the shotgun close up to his chest. It wasn’t really that he was holding the gun so much as he was clutching the length of the barrel to his chest. In a way, it could be likened to a child hugging a security blanket.

“Oh fiddlesticks! Don’t scare me like that.” Michael took his deep breaths again, trying to calm down now that the new person seemed to be somewhat friendly. His eyes widened at the sight of the scythe, now switching quickly back and forth between the blade and the face of the boy.

“M-Michael?” he asked shyly. He gave a slight chuckle. “M-my name’s Michael too. I’m Michael S. You’re the other Michael, sometimes I’d accidentally get your papers back in English. Though I guess to you I’m the other Michael. I guess Michael-ness is all subjective.”

Slowly he sat up straight again.

“Uh, nice to talk to you. Though considering the circumstances….”
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