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I wish I was a heartbeat that never comes to rest
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Now you lay you down to sleep.

((M22 Michael Sekoler START))

Michael woke up with a start.

Where am I? What’s happening? I have to get out of here I have to-

Michael rolled off the top bunk of a bed and crashed to the floor. He sprang up like a jack in the box and started taking deep breaths.

“I’M OKAY! TOTALLY OKAY,” he yelled to no one in particular.

On the bottom bunk of the bed was his bag. He sat down next to it, trying to stop his hands from shaking.

What was the last thing he remembered? He was at school. It was announcement day. He always had a bad feeling about announcement day but this time, it had happened. He heard his name and all he could think was “I knew it.”

“Oh God, I knew it, I did. I knew it would be me,” he moaned, sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.

Then the guards started taking them away. He saw the bus. He looked back at the school, back at the bus, school, bus, school, bus. His heart beat sped up like there was a rave in his body and all his organs were invited. He breathed faster and faster and then, nothing.

“Aw, jeez. I fainted. Way to go, Michael. This is just great! Everyone’s gonna be scared of the fainting guy!”

He decided to see what was in his bag. He unzipped and felt around inside the duffle.

This is because of Adam, isn’t it? It’s karmic retribution! Even when he’s not around he’s causing problems for me and now I’m gonna die! I Once made up a poem about Adam so I’d remember why I’m better off without him. Okay. A. A is for always causing me problems! D, D is for….doesn’t take responsibility! A. The other A….uh….I don’t remember what that was for. M! M, well….I don’t remember what M was for either…..and that’s ADAM!

Finally he found something in his bag. Michael tugged at the object and out came the shotgun.

“HOLY POPSICLE STICKS ON A SIDEWAYS SUNDAY!” he yelped and jumped back.
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