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Johan was immediately startled the moment he heard Abby's hammer drop, believing it was some kind of weapon sound...

“Oh shit. Hi there.”

Then he heard Abby's voice, and turned his head to look. Taking a careful glance at her, he realized it was just a hammer. Just.

For a few seconds he scrutinized her, not really quite sure what to do. In front of him was a relatively defenseless Asian girl who was obviously much more scared of him then he was of her. He saw her a few times before, and realized her name was "Abby", or at least, her first name. He has also heard some rumors about her father deserting the military, which was a rather good point for Johan, being the military-hating and government-hating (although not necessarily America-hating) Communist that he was. But more importantly, she was basically at his mercy, and he could choose to kill her at any moment...

However, he then looked back at his own hands and thought about what he believed he should protect. His own life, certainly, but also the lives of those who couldn't stand up for themselves. After all, Communism stressed that the masses should rise up against their oppressors. Killing her in cold blood would certainly be doing nothing to achieve that. Johan then shuddered. In the Compound there were going to be at least a few self proclaimed "patriots" that were going to kill minority and "unpatriotic" students without the slightest thought. He would not bring himself down to that level, not even for a completely different motivation. No, he would only fight in self defense. Not that he wouldn't fight hard. No reason to prove for the goddamn government that so called "patriots" would be victorious. He was planning to do everything he could to humiliate them, and in effect, the Government...

...but then again, he was getting ahead of himself. He then blinked back into reality and decided to put his javelin into a much less threatening position. He decided to then say softly and calmly, "Hey there. Your name is Abby, right?"
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