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(M18 - Johan Luther START)

Johan woke up in the open with a tingle on his fingers, carefully clutching (not to mention hiding) his Communist insignia hat.

Ack, that was some dream...

He then looked around at his empty surroundings, and then memories of the past few hours came back to him, bit by bit, from Announcement Day to the bus ride...

This... can't possibly be me. I...

He then glanced down at his hat, and sighed.

Well, no point in denying it. I'm in the Program, the crown jewel of propaganda for this goddamn dictatorship.

For a second, Johan felt the impulsive urge to put on his hat and go out into the open with it, but his more rational side decided not to.

I suppose it could make me a target...

Johan then opened his bag, placed the hat into it, and inspected the contents. Some food, a medical kit, a flashlight, a compass, and a map. Pretty basic. Then he caught sight of the javelin, and sighed again.

Looks like I got caught on the short end of the draw. Still, I could be the one with the toothpick. Might as well get some practice with this.

Then Johan took the map out of the bag, and inspected the locations. He noticed the closest one to him was marked "Armory". He thought on whether it was worth it to go to such an obvious location, and decided it was better then nothing.

If I'm lucky, it'll be empty and I suppose I can ambush anyone coming in. If I'm not, well...

He decided to put his negative thoughts behind and sprinted into the armory.
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